Military Equipments better than US

There are many weapon systems in the world which are bit superior than the one used by the US and its allies.
Not wanna offend Americans, but the idea that US mil weaponry is superior than anything the east produces is just crap. This has been implanted in the minds of people by superb US propaganda especially through Hollywood movies.
Let me tell brief about a few weapon system which are better than their US counterparts.
1. Su-30/35
These air combat fighters are probably better than all the fighters the USAF have, with the exception of the F-22 Raptor.( There hasen’t been any competition among them till now, but the next edition of  the Red Flag will see the USAF f-22 and the IAF Su-30mki has opponents.) Malaysia, India, Angola, Russia, China have one of the above planes.
2. BrahMos cruise missile
This bad boy over is the fastest cruise missile in the world and has currently no competition any where else. See the NATO air defence system on naval ships is based on the principle of stopping crusie missile approching at a speed of mach 1-1.15. This missle travels at a rate of mach 2.5-3.
Read the abive article if you want to know more. This is specially operated by India and Russia.
India is gonna integrate BrahMos into Sukhoi…….!
3. Spike ATGM
This famous Israeli Anti- tank guided missile is probably the most cost effective and efficient missile system in the world. It is said to be much better than the US javelin. It is said the javelin can pierce through 700mm of armour, while the spike can pass through 1000mm of it.
4. Pantysr S1
This is probably a weapon you have heard off. So let me tell you about it a bit. Technically speaking, the Pantsyr S1 is classified as a SPAAG-M ( Self Propelled Anti-Aircraft Gun – Missile) since it is mounted on a self-propelled platform, the Kamaz 8×8 truck and has both guns and missiles to engage its targets. It provides the high altitude, long-range engagement capability of SAMs combined with low-altitude short-range engagement capability of AA guns. It has 6 SAMs and dual 30 mm autocannon on each side of the turret for a total of 12 missiles and 4 guns.
It has a Passive Electronically Scanning Array (PESA) S-band target acquisition radar which scans mechanically to provide 360º coverage and an X-band fire control radar (FCR). They can search and track aerial targets over 50 km away and engage them at a distance of 20 km. The FCR can track 20 targets and engage 3 simultaeously and up to 12 targets can be engaged in a minute. It has a very advanced electro-optical and Infrared detection and target engagement system as well.
The Puma is equipped with a mix of heavy and light guns, grenade launchers and has the provision for anti-tank missiles to be mounted. The primary weapon is a stabilized 30 mm autocannon from Rheinmetall which can fire a variety of rounds like High Explosive (HE), Armour Piercing (AP) and Air Burst (AB). It can fire accurately and effectively up to a distance of 3000 m and 400 rounds are carried on board. This makes it one of the best Infantry Fighting Vehicle in the world. Made by Germany. But you preety much got it from the name, didn’t you?
6. Phalcon AWACS
The Phalcon awacs is basically an Russian Il-76 with a AESA radar made by israeli Elta.This is cinsidered as the best AWAC by the Federation of American Scientists.


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